Terminator's coaches


Jack has over 18 years of coaching experience in various endurance sports such as triathlon, road cycling, cyclocross, mountain biking, X-Terra and running. His coaching career began after completing a Masters of kinesiology Degree at the University of Calgary. This foundation of higher learning helps Jack blend the theoretical and experiential methods of coaching in the most appropriate manner for each  athlete he works with.


He continues to learn and expand his coaching knowledge to provide each of his athletes the most effective training methods to ensure continued success and help them achieve new levels of sporting performance. Jack provides challenging and detailed training prescriptions integrated into an athlete’s lifestyle. 


Program prescription is specific to the needs of each athlete and based on a sensible application of information from both the scientific literature and experiences of other coaches and athletes. Jack is also the founder of JVD Coaching, a sponsor for the Terminator Foundation.


Mary Jessey

Mary is the founder and head coach of LYNX Triathlon. She has been swimming her entire life – as a competitive age group swimmer, as a member of an NCAA University team and as a triathlete. She tackled her first Sprint tri in 2002. A decade later, after she completed an IRONMAN, she became an NCCP Certified Triathlon Coach. LYNX Triathlon was born from her desire to share her passion for the sport with others.

While focusing on triathlon coaching, she realized that swimming was often a weakness and limiter for triathletes. She decided to return to her swimming roots and studied to become the 2nd Swim Smooth Certified Coach in Canada. This training honed her ability to help any swimmer – from beginners learning how to swim to veterans looking to develop better technique, efficiency and speed.

She is excited to be involved with the Terminator Foundation and is looking forward to helping athletes of all abilities reach their swimming goals. LYNX Triathlon is a valued sponsor of the Terminator’s triathlon program.


Vanisha Breault discovered her love for running quite accidentally, in the middle of winter more than a decade ago when she decided to “learn to run”. The first few weeks and months she described as pathetic and hilarious. Pushing her 2 young boys in a stroller, Vanisha would stop frequently to check on them and give herself a break. The boys soon got frustrated with her stops and called out to her, “Mom we’re fine. Geeez keep going!” As the days rolled into each other she realized half way thru a “run” that she hadn’t stopped at all. She vividly remembers that day; she realized she could actually run. SHE HAD BECOME A RUNNER.

Vanisha has been running ever since. She runs all year long, outside and in all weather conditions. “Running outside has been like a metaphor for my life”, she says.

Without prior triathlon experience, no equipment, and stuck somewhere in the middle of level one water exploration and level two basic primary skills she set her mind on the 70.3 Ironman. With only three and a half months of training, on July 24th, 2016 Vanisha completed her first 70.3 Ironman.

Believing that the grueling distance of the 70.3 ironman paralleled overcoming addiction she knew that as long as she didn’t quit she’d cross the finish line. It was while training for this triathlon the idea for Tri Terminator was born in Vanisha’s heart.