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We all know it takes a village; join ours and help us terminate the stigma.

The Annual 5KM Run for Youth Addiction Awareness brings our community together to shed light on the pressing issue of addiction and mental health. The run recognizes hardships and adversity while celebrating the journey of recovery among individuals in our city. Here, we hold space for those we have lost, those struggling with active addiction and those who have found hope in recovery.

Together we fight to end the shame and provide a solution! We’re here to help individuals gain back their sense of freedom, belonging and ambition. Addiction has an impact on each and every one of us in some way or another. 

This is our time! Our time to come together and fight addiction, not just for the person struggling but for anyone impacted by addiction.


Last year, there was a 74% increase in opioid toxicity deaths in the six months following COVID-19 prevention measures.

More than ever before, we must come together with love and support for those who need it. Reducing the stigma and providing a safe and inclusive space for those in need is the first step to allowing successful recovery.

Follow us, be a part
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Now is the time!

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