The Annual 5KM Run for Youth Addiction Awareness brings our community together to shed light on the pressing issue of addiction and mental health. The run recognizes hardships and adversity while celebrating the journey of recovery among individuals in our city. Here, we hold space for those struggling with active addiction while acknowledging those who have found hope in recovery.


Meet two of our athletes and listen to their incredible stories of recovery while training with the Terminator Foundation. 


The Terminator Foundation’s vision is to reach all youth and young adults who are impacted by addiction and mental health and radically transform their lives through sports coaching, peer support, team training, endurance and triathlon participation while supporting efforts to terminate the shame and indignity of addiction with education, awareness and understanding.

Terminator Foundation is a collaboration of integrated health care systems who support youth and young adults in their effort to recover from addiction and mental health issues. Our goal is to strengthen recovery through a continuum of care model that incorporates physical exercise in the sport of Triathlon training, personal coaching, and community engagement. The Terminator Foundation brings effective action in the areas of education, awareness and compassion to make a difference in the lives of youth, their families, our communities, cities and across the country.

we need your support

Through the experience of training we offer support, coaching, mindfulness techniques and a non-judgmental supportive atmosphere that says, YES YOU CAN! *Please note that we are not able to issue a tax receipt for donations*