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We’re urging individuals and businesses from the Calgary area to “Sponsor an Athlete” this year. The Foundation works with youth who are fighting addiction and mental health issues and helps them overcome their struggles using the sport of triathlontraining, coaching and resources are all included in the Terminator triathlon program. 

The initiative

2020 was a challenging year for many. There has been a record number of opioid deaths; Terminator is ready to step up to help support Calgary's youth who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues—but we need sponsors! As a sponsor of Terminator's athletes, you will have a direct impact on the recovery and rehabilitation of a young person’s life and watch them transform from an addict to an athlete.

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Why we need you!

Terminator’s athletes require funds to keep them moving forward in their recovery journeys. The funds raised through “Sponsor an Athlete” go to helping athletes access the training facility, professional triathlon coaching, indoor and outdoor training equipment such as bicycles, clothing and shoes, transportation such as transit tickets, nutrition coaching, race entry fees, recovery coaching, peer support and mentorship, community building and Calgary Police mentorship and so much more. The training program is free for athletes to join so fundraising is a crucial part of their success.

What's Included in the Sponsorship

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Struggling with addiction or mental health? Contact us via phone or email.