terminator's Team

carissa peterson


Carissa is friendly, personable, and great with people. Her passion for listening, relating, and helping others makes her a great fit for Terminator’s Volunteer Coordinator. She has many skills developed from her training as an LPN and works hard every day as a loving mother to her three children. Whether it be wound dressing (Band-Aids), juggling multiple people, tasks or projects at once or changing a diaper with half a wipe, Carissa’s resourcefulness is one of her greatest strengths. Carissa is also an entrepreneur with a small business creating florals for weddings in the Calgary area. Carissa’s love for God, Family, and People keep her grounded and fulfilled from day-to-day.



Sheldon is a corporate professional who worked for years in communications and recruitment. That changed at the end of 2015 when he entered recovery for drug addiction. Sheldon is now an addiction and mental health advocate with front-line work experience helping clients who battle to overcome their challenges. He also volunteers his time on committees for several organizations, including Terminator Foundation, Recovery Day Calgary and Alberta Health Services. Sheldon is a subject matter expert often relied upon by the media to provide insight on topics specific to addiction and mental health. Sheldon holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Business Studies from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Elissa Grohne


Elissa holds a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Mount Royal University and has since carved a path to a marketing career. She uses her strong communication skills to work closely with stakeholders while developing Terminator’s strategic marketing initiatives. Marketing has given Elissa the opportunity to pursue what she loves– engaging with people, story telling and creating content. Elissa is responsible for social media management, design work, event planning and more. She is extremely passionate about helping the Terminator Foundation’s programs become more visible and accessible for Calgary’s youth and young adults who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues.