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Magic Happens

When I first quit drinking I could NOT imagine going 24 hours without my wine. I’m dead serious. I couldn’t imagine my life without the option of including wine. When I first started running I could NOT RUN. I’m dead serious. Walking at a fast pace took my breath away, my 30 seconds “running” spurts […]

Who can train with Terminator?

Ran From Alcohol


Terminator Triathlon with Eden

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Terminator Run: Terminating the Stigma

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Fentanyl Crisis

CTV News Breakfast Morning Show

Fentanyl and other Drugs Seized in Raids

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I worry about people who are dying

Global News Calgary

Calgary Mother Feels Like She Has Her Daughter Back

Calgary Herald printed story: Click link below https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgary-mother-feels-like-she-has-her-daughter-back-after-years-long-drug-abuse The girl was 14 when she started smoking pot, dropped out of volleyball and began skipping school. As her drug use escalated, she eventually moved on to MDMA, heroin, fentanyl and a whole cocktail of substances, despite all her mother’s efforts to get her help. Three years […]