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We encourage people aged 15 to 25 who are at risk for addiction or who are currently struggling with addiction as well as those in recovery. There’s no previous experience required and beginners are welcome.
  • Group support training
  • Use of world-class training facilities
  • One-on-one coaching and guidance
  • Equipment (bikes, swim gear, run gear)
  • Group support for addiction recovery
“The Terminator Program utilizes education, awareness and compassion to make a difference in youths’ lives including their families and communities. Through Vanisha’s non-judgemental approach, the lives of our youth struggling with mental health through addiction can find the positive engagement, challenge and growth in self-esteem they need to overcome the challenges that hold them back from recovery and limit their potential. She is revolutionizing addiction recovery through sports coaching and peer support, including team training, physical strength, endurance and triathlon participation. She brings the tenets of “IronMan” to go beyond one’s limitations to help transform young lives!”

-Dr. David Swann


Repsol Sport Centre’s distinctive roof line has been an iconic part of the Calgary skyline for over 30 years. Owned by The City of Calgary and operated by the Lindsay Park Sports Society, Repsol Sport Centre has room under its iconic roof for everyone – from elite and amateur athletes to those dedicated to reaching their individual fitness goals. Whether you are here to train, compete or just play hard, check out all the amenities that make Repsol Sport Centre an inspiring place to be.

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