Meet the Tri Terminator Coaches

Vanisha Breault

Vanisha Breault discovered her love for running quite accidentally, in the middle of winter more than a decade ago when she decided to “learn to run”. The first few weeks and months she described as pathetic and hilarious. Pushing her 2 young boys in a stroller, Vanisha would stop frequently to check on them and give herself a break. The boys soon got frustrated with her stops and called out to her, “Mom we’re fine. Geeez keep going!” As the days rolled into each other she realized half way thru a “run” that she hadn’t stopped at all. She vividly remembers that day; she realized she could actually run. SHE HAD BECOME A RUNNER.

Vanisha has been running ever since. She runs all year long, outside and in all weather conditions. “Running outside has been like a metaphor for my life”, she says.

Without prior triathlon experience, no equipment, and stuck somewhere in the middle of level one water exploration and level two basic primary skills she set her mind on the 70.3 Ironman. With only three and a half months of training, on July 24th, 2016 Vanisha completed her first 70.3 Ironman.

Believing that the gruelling distance of the 70.3 ironman paralleled overcoming addiction she knew that as long as she didn’t quit she’d cross the finish line. It was while training for this triathlon the idea for Tri Terminator was born in Vanisha’s heart.

Sheryl Field

With almost three decades of experience as a healthcare professional, this mother of three has developed an energy around caring for our youth with a passion for optimal mental health. Sheryl’s educational background includes a Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing, certifications in critical care, integrative health and triathlon coaching. Sheryl is currently working towards her Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology.

Sheryl’s own completion of marathons, ultra-marathons, and triathlons gives her the insight into the training and commitment needed for a successful Triathlon experience. She has mentored all ages in the pursuit of three sport training. Sheryl is welcomed as The Tri Terminator Foundation’s lead coach, with her primary focus being unconditional support, coaching and educating, while fostering lasting relationships for our amazing Tri Terminator athletes.

Steve Towns

Steve is an accomplished marathon and ultra-marathon runner, having enjoyed over 30 full marathons and ultras across Canada and the United States. Enjoying races from 5Km to 100 miles, Steve is a running lunatic who loves to share his joy for running with runners of all levels, simply pursuing the passion for relentless forward motion.

Steve also advocates the benefit of sport and training as a method of recovery from addiction and mental health disease, having experienced these challenges personally, and as a father of people in recovery.

Regardless of experience, speed, fitness level, Steve is eager to help you accomplish your training goals.

Kathy Urquhart

Not only is Kathy the proud wife and mom of two adult men, she holds a Bachelor of Physical Education Degree from the University of Alberta and a Level 1 Coaching Certificate. From a young age, Kathy found passion in athletics where she naturally transitioned into a competitive swimmer and coach.

In 2000, Kathy took up running in a healthy attempt to combat stress and lose weight.  She participated in sprint triathlons as well as numerous 5km, 10km and half-marathons. Unfortunately, issues with her foot became problematic and Kathy redirected her passion back to swimming where Kathy has been teaching and coaching swimming at the Shawnessy YMCA since 2004.

In the early part 2017 Kathy became an integral part of the Tri Terminator Coaching Team. Her expertise in teaching stroke improvement and efficiency has been instrumental in increasing the athlete’s endurance & speed. She is excited to be coaching the “Fierce Warriors” again in 2018.

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