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Go Beyond.

The Terminator Foundation’s vision is to reach individuals on a global scale who are affected by drug and alcohol addiction to radically revolutionize their lives using the Triathlon experience. Through the experience of training we offer support, coaching, mindfulness techniques and a non-judgmental supportive atmosphere that says, YES YOU CAN!

Terminator Foundation works with youth who are recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. It acts as a treatment program to provide support and recovery to those affected. The Foundation provides youth with personal trainers to incorporate physical exercise into their recovery. Participants train year-round for triathlons and participate in the Terminator Foundation’s annual 5 km fundraiser run held in Calgary.

Founder Vanisha Breault has personal experience with addiction and is dedicating her life to helping struggling youth on their path to recovery. Vanisha strives to showcase the parallels between addiction recovery and triathlons—both require perseverance as well as mental and physical strength. 


Vanisha recognized that there is a large need for an increase in recovery resources for addicted youth in Calgary and that was her motivation to start Terminator.

The purpose of the training is to positively affect the participants’ mental health. The main goal is to push participants’ limits, which increases their level of self-efficacy, confidence and self-love. This altered mindset then helps participants to battle the addiction itself. The differentiating factor of Terminator Foundation’s services that sets it apart from other treatment programs is that it incorporates the physical component of recovery which is a crucial part of the process.

Vanisha Breault



Vanisha Breault is the Founder of Tri Terminator. She is a true inspiration, motivating people to live courageously by sharing her inherent gift of compassion and support providing essential tools for resilient living. Vanisha has overcome her own personal challenges and uses her past along with her skills and education to help others thrive after facing their own adversities. She is gifted in helping others transform their lives by providing encouragement and hope. Vanisha is an exceptional communicator who speaks with clarity, passion, and effectiveness. As a social advocate, speaker and coach, she is working to change laws surrounding parental rights with kids abusing drugs. Her voice can be heard across the country as she speaks openly and courageously about her own recovery and that of her daughter Eden. She utilizes her own strength, resilience and empathy from her own life’s journey to help others do the same. Vanisha exemplifies that regardless of the obstacles one may face, everyone can conquer them and build a life of resiliency and hope.

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